Mains, 12 V, Hybrid (12/230 V), 9 V, with modern design or more classical, in galvanized steel box, we have THE energizers needed by the users.

Our BUFFALO energizers, meeting the A12 standard, managed by microprocessor with its CHAPRON made software, are able to deliver up to 15000 V & 15 Joules, to fence the most longest fences.

All our energizers are officially approved and meet the EU and international standards.

All accessories.

Electric fencing system is a whole offer of different components able to make the fence effective.

With the production of our insulators, plastic posts, gate handles, reels, tester and huge range of accessories, farmers are building the fence that they need.


Braided, twisted, weaved, from 2 to 40 mm, we manufacture millions of meters of poly-products every year.

We have no limit to meet your needs !