Reliability through the years

With an experience of 70 years in the electric fencing business, we work every days to produce a huge and reliable range of electric fencing products. Our target is to offer products that are meeting the needs  of all the farmers, breeders, hobby farmers and more largely to fence any kind of animals.

A human company for animal wellness and satisfaction of the users, here are our daily targets.

In our plant of more than 5000 m² with a long time know-how, we produce our energizers, poly products, insulators, reels, posts, gate handles with a maximum control of the quality of those products.

Etalage - Chapron International

Made in France

Strong of an old know-how in different works, we offer a large range of 36 different energizers, made in our plant, able to answer to all the needs of the markets.

With our moulding machines we produce, in Isigny Sur Mer, insulators, gate handles, plastic posts, accessories but also all the boxes necessary to built up our energizers.

One part of the plant is dedicated to the production of all poly-products : polywires (braided or twisted), polytapes (weaved) or polyropes (braided or twisted).

All this productions are under our quality control, and we offer a 3 year warranty on all our energizers.

100 % Fencing

With a very huge offer of energizers, accessories, poly-products, but also with products that are unique, such as ELCO P1, we offer to fencing users high-performance and reliable solutions.

From the specialists in breeding to the hobby farmer, we have the solution to fence any kind of animals, from the elephant to the snails !

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