LINELEC the natural electric fencing cord …

LINELEC the natural electric fencing cord …

Since more than 70 years, the company CHAPRON LEMENAGER has always been focussed on recycling and the use of natural raw-materials.

A new step has been made by the company on the end of 2021, with the finalization of LINELEC, an electric fencing cord, made with a linen support.

This linen is produced in Normandy, at only few kilometers of the CHAPRON LEMENAGER plant. So, it gives also to LINELEC the advantages of all the short circuits.

After many months of testing, in the most difficult conditions for this kind of product, on the end of 2021, all the obstacles were beaten, so it has been decided to offer LINELEC on the electric fencing market for the 2022 fencing season, as the product was totally adapted to the usual use of electric fencing cord.

Many press articles have talked in France of this really natural electric fencing cord (all in French) : Ouest France, L’Agriculteur Normand, AGRA, Gros tracteurs passion, Web-agri, La Manche Libre etc.

As an exemple, you can see this one edited in Ouest France on the end of 2021 : you can read it by clicking here